Why Whiskey Drinkers Make the Best Soulmates

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One day, when it comes to writing your marriage vows, you might want to include that your spouse-to-be is a whiskey drinker. Why’s that? If there’s one thing that we can agree on, is that whiskey drinkers are all similar personality-wise.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you might want to test your compatibility by hitting up a whiskey tasting. That sounds like an ideal date to us! Here’s why whiskey drinkers make the best soulmates:


When ordering a whiskey, you have to be straight forward. You have to dictate to the bartender what type and brand of whiskey you’ll be drinking in addition to how you want your whiskey served. If a whiskey drinker isn’t forward, they’re going to be drinking low-quality whiskey that’s not worth their money. How a whiskey drinker orders their drink also says a lot about how they approach situations outside of the bar. When faced with a decision, whiskey drinkers still be straight forward with their intentions or their needs.

Not afraid of a little bite or heat

Each type of whiskey has its own unique flavor, including a little bit of bite. Depending on what type of whiskey your date orders, it can indicate how much heat they can take. Whiskeys are not always smooth, so if your date is willing to risk a little bite for an enjoyable drink, you know that there are committed. Furthermore, whiskeys are high in alcohol content which makes them a heavier drink. If your significate other can handle their whiskey, they are responsible and level headed.


In order to fully appreciate whiskey, there are several different factors that go into deciphering what is your ideal cocktail. For instance, determining what type of whiskey, what brand, what year, are all significant variables in how a whiskey tastes. In order to see the subtle difference in each whiskey requires a higher level of sophistication than drinking other liquors. Enjoying whiskey is also a slow, sophisticated process that forces drinkers to take the time to appreciate all the little complexities.


Since there is such a wide variety of whiskey, someone who is confident in ordering a whiskey drink is definitely a keeper. Being wishy-washy on what you want, isn’t always the most admirable trait. Being forward with your intentions is ideal in a partner. This makes dating much less of a mind game and more of a level playing field to find out whether your personalities are compatible.

When you need to go back to the drawing board on dating, consider dating a whiskey drinker. After years of tasting and sampling whiskeys, you’ll find that they are reliable, straight forward, confident, sophisticated all with a little bit of heat. If you ask us, there’s nothing more you could want in a potential partner.