Whiskey Fun Facts

If you’re a country music fan, you probably already know that whiskey makes Luke Bryan’s “baby, feel a little frisky.” You’ve probably also noticed that people are talking about whiskey a lot more than they have in the past. That’s because whiskey is the new home brew. Remember about 6-10 years ago when everyone and their brother was crafting beer at home or starting a craft brewery? Well, beer is out and whiskey is in! As leaders in the cooperage industry and experts on small batch whiskey, we’re all about this trend! In order to keep up with the trend, impress your friends and family, and sound like you know what you’re talking about next time you’re at a hipster bar, here are a few whiskey fun facts you probably didn’t know:

Whiskey starts out as beer.

Whiskey is distilled by fermenting grains, just like beer. The fermented grains release sugars that mixes with the yeast to make alcohol. The ingredients are the same for both; water, yeast, and malts. Whiskey just takes beer and puts it through a distillery.

The “e” actually matters.

There’s a difference between “whiskey” and “whisky.” Whisky is Scotch and whiskey is Irish.

A Dram a Day…?

During the prohibition, alcohol sales were banned in the U.S, but an exception was made for whiskey—if you had a prescription that is. The success behind the 75 billion dollar pharmacy that’s on the “corner of happy and healthy,” is due largely to prescribed whiskey sales. During the prohibition, from 1920-1933, Walgreens went from having around 20 retail stores around the country to having upwards of 500 stores.

Fountain of Youth?

Renowned physicist and scientist Nikola Tesla drank whiskey every day because he thought it would make him live to reach 150 years old. He did live to 86 and, considering the average lifespan of a white man during that time period was about 46, we think Tesla might have been on to something. Whiskey is Gaelic for “water of life” after all.