Wedding Themes, Décor, and Ideas for Whiskey Lovers

Guests at a wedding reception raising their glasses of whiskey and wine in cheers over a table with food

Since COVID-19 put a hold on many weddings, many couples are beginning to make plans and get excited about big weddings again. There are plenty of wedding themes trending right now. Whiskey barrels can be added to wedding themes that are both trendy and timeless. Check out some whiskey wedding theme ideas below:

Décor and Themes

Of course, whiskey barrels are a must. They can be used for seating, table bases, food and beverage dispensing, and much more. Experiment with different sizes to create dynamic displays. Smaller barrels can be used to collect cards and keep them safe. Some might hold floral displays or ice to keep drinks cold. Some couples even use whiskey barrels and barrel lids as unique sign-in books for guests. They might engrave their names or the date of the wedding

There are a ton of wedding décor ideas that pair well (pardon the pun) with whiskey barrels. Old whiskey bottles, for example, can be used as flower vases and centerpieces. Light fabrics like lace, linen, or burlap look great paired with rustic wooden décor. You could also choose a period theme and have guests or your wedding party dress in flat caps, suspenders, and bow ties.

His and Hers Whiskey Cocktails

Many couples pick their own specialty cocktails to serve at the wedding. Using whiskey as a base, there are plenty of delicious options to create a one-of-a-kind cocktail for you and your fiancé. Keep it classy with a variant on a Manhattan or old fashion. Mix up a batch of whiskey punch or cold toddy – a summer twist on a cold-weather favorite. Find some delicious and beautiful ideas for whiskey cocktails here.

Embrace Your Heritage

Many places in the world are known for their whiskey. The most common varieties originate from the American South, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, and Japan. You and your fiancé might choose one specific whiskey region that reflects your heritage. A traditional Scottish wedding might feature bagpipes, kilts, tartan, and, of course, Scotch. Japanese weddings might feature cherry blossoms, paper fans, and origami place settings. Have fun embracing a traditional side while sprinkling in the flair that reflects your personalities.

Food Pairings

Perhaps the wedding feature that people talk about the most is the food. There are a ton of delicious options to pair with whiskey at a wedding reception. Charcuterie boards make a great option, as they are trendy, classy, and pair well with whiskey. Include dark chocolate, dried fruits, and nuts. If you have a specific whiskey in mind, you might choose a specific cheese pairing. Smokey cheeses like cheddar go great with whiskey. Stronger cheeses like blue cheese go well with spicier whiskey, while softer cheese goes well with light, fragrant whiskies.  

It might be a good idea to vary your main course to please all your guests, not just the whiskey fans. Regardless, protein options like Steak and smoked salmon can pair well with different whiskey. Even meatloaf can go great with a whiskey, especially when drizzled with barbecue sauce.  

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