The Healing Powers of Whiskey

It is crazy to think that alcohol was once illegal in the United States. While the people of the time got around the laws with underground speakeasies, they were not the only place alcohol could be found during the prohibition era. Two years after the prohibition started, congress passed a law that allowed for the medicinal use of alcoholic beverages by prescription.

One hundred years ago, doctors believed that whiskey could help pain management, heal chronic illnesses, and even get rid of infections. While the medical community has learned a lot over the years, let’s look at the ways whiskey used to be utilized in the medical world.

Old Ways of Healing with Whiskey

Throughout America’s history, whiskey was used for pain management. Whether you have a toothache, migraine, or even a slight cough, it was believed that whiskey could help. A 1941 Time Magazine article stated, “Whiskey is one of the cheapest and best painkillers known to man.” During the civil war, paramedics would give wounded soldiers whiskey when they ran out of opioids to keep the pain more manageable. In the prohibition era, doctors would prescribe patients whiskey for pneumonia, high blood pressure, and tuberculosis. You may have even heard of the practice of rubbing whiskey on the gums of a baby to help soothe teething!

How Whiskey Actually Benefits People

While you won’t find whiskey in many doctor’s prescriptions today, the beverage does have some health benefits proven by modern science. It is only recommended to have one glass of whiskey a day to receive these benefits because anything more can have adverse impacts on the body. Drinking whiskey can help increase your heart health, lower your body’s inflammation, and reduce the risk of gaining weight. It is not recommended to use whiskey for pain management because our bodies build up a tolerance for the drink. While it might help once, it is not a successful cure-all for pain.

The uses of whiskey have certainly changed over the years. A glass of whiskey a day might not keep the doctor away, but it definitely does not hurt to try! Even if you’re not looking for health benefits, The Barrel Mill can help get the perfect flavor every time. Find out more about our toasted to perfection oak whiskey barrels.