The Best Fall Flavors for Whiskey Lovers

Whiskey Flavors Fall

If there’s one season that’s synonymous with certain flavors, it’s fall. While summer might have been the season of White Claw, fall is pumpkin spice, apple cider, and, at least in our opinion, whiskey. Drinking whiskey in the fall is as natural as drinking any other fall drink—it’s just kind of a no brainer.

We want to make one thing perfectly clear: you can and should drink whiskey any time of the year! Still, there are some whiskey flavors that feel just a bit more like autumn than others. Here are a few of the best fall drinks for whiskey lovers:

The Best Whiskeys and Flavors in Fall


Try pairing a high-rye bourbon or a rye blend with your favorite pumpkin treats. The bourbon will not get lost in all the flavors spicy pumpkin goodness.


Try to find a sweeter whiskey to pair with your favorite apple flavored treats. Cinnamon and apple marry perfectly so give that a try! Other options could be a fruity and sweet whiskey.


Another quintessential fall flavor, pecan pairs well with your southern bourbons. What else would you pair with pecans, really? Sugar, caramel, vanilla, and the nutty flavors of pecan—you might as well be describing a southern whiskey!


Whether you’re munching on dark, milk, or white chocolate, it just goes well with a smokier whiskey.

When you’re considering what to mix in the barrel for a nice fall batch, consider these pairings!