Refreshing Summer Whiskey Drinks

There’s a reason that whiskey is the Gaelic word for “water of life.” There’s just something refreshing about a good whiskey on a warm day. Whiskey in all of its forms: bourbon, rye, scotch, Irish, Canadian, and Japanese, has the ability to be just as great for warm weather as it is for cold. Whether you’re enjoying it with a splash of water, on the rocks, or in a refreshing cocktail, whiskey is a nice refreshing summer drink. Not convinced? Here are some tips for enjoying whiskey this summer:

Fruity Drinks

The summer months are the perfect time to enjoy fresh produce. Try using sparkling wines, fruit juice, lemonade, and fresh fruit in your whiskey drinks. The combination of spicy and warm flavors in the whiskey and crisp flavors of the fruit juice add a delicious dimension to any drink. Try these pairs:

  • Peach and bourbon
  • White whiskey and watermelon
  • Apricots and whiskey gingers
  • Rye whiskey, grapefruit, and raspberry syrup
  • Bourbon and apple

If you’re looking for whiskey/food pairings try mixing bourbon and bbq. The combination is delicious. There are also plenty of dessert options you can incorporate whiskey into. Simmer whiskey into a glaze and add it to anything you’re going to grill this summer. Trust us, it adds an element to your grilling that’s sure to get you street cred from the neighbors.