Point of Purchase and Promotional Ideas During COVID-19

As the holiday season approaches, retail businesses will be approaching the season much differently this year. Most businesses have had to adapt their promotional and marketing plans to work best in a post-COVID environment.

As you begin planning for the holiday season, keep in mind that an eye-catching display isn’t the only way to be successful this season. Your planning must also include COVID-friendly ideas and adaptations.

Keep Your Team Motivated

For many businesses, it’s tough to boost team morale when the future is unsure. Although this all will pass eventually, being unable to plan for the future can get your team down. Now is a good time to motivate your team by cross-training and working on new skills.

Remember that some of the best ideas and innovations don’t always come from the people you’d expect. Encourage your staff to think up new campaign ideas, menu additions, or drinks to excite your customers.

Concentrate on Your Marketing Objectives

Since the beginning of the pandemic, online purchasing and e-commerce sales have soared. You might have invested or refocused your business to support more mobile or online orders. Remember that your target audiences haven’t changed, but their shopping experiences and behaviors have. Where you may have focused marketing on things like billboards, park benches, and bus stops in the past, you’ll get more success in today’s market through online interaction.

Over Utilizing Points of Purchase

Even though customers are spending less time shopping in stores, that doesn’t mean point of purchase displays are no longer an important factor in your marketing attempts. Now, every minute a customer spends in a store is valuable. Your point of purchase displays should be eye-catching and memorable the instant they come into view.

Aside from catching the attention of customers in-store, you can also use creative displays as online marketing. For example, they can make attractive online ads, social media posts, or the set of a live video. Creative Barrel creates custom point of purchase barrel displays to grab the attention of your customers. Whether that be in-store, on a billboard, or online, the versatility of a custom barrel is only limited by your imagination. Contact us to get more information about our rustic point of purchase displays.