How to Host a Holiday Whiskey Tasting

Spending time with your loved ones during the holidays is the best way to celebrate, but we won’t complain if whiskey is involved. An unforgettable get-together to organize with your close friends or your family during the holidays is a whiskey tasting. This is an interactive experience to share with your loved ones that will be interesting, educational and also memorable. Here are some things to keep in mind when organizing you first whiskey tasting.

Quality over quantity

Quality over quantity is a good mantra to recite whenever you’re planning a gathering, especially when it comes to whiskey tastings. Whiskey tastings are most enjoyable when there’s a small group who is guided through the tasting together. Experts recommend that you cap the number of guests at six attendees. The tastings will also be more satisfying if there is a professional leading to help guide individuals and offering hints or clues on what they are possibly tasting. 

It’s also recommended not to overwhelm your guests with too many different whiskeys. Usually whiskey tastings serve four or five different whiskeys. An ounce is usually the recommended serving size for a whiskey tasting. It’s not essential that these whiskeys all complement each other. Furthermore, palate cleansers should be provided in order for your guests to fully enjoy the tasting experience.

Palate cleansers

When it comes to differentiating between different whiskeys it’s important to have palate cleansers. Palate cleansers reset the taste buds after each sip so they whiskeys can be fairly compared and contrasted. Water is the best palate cleanser, though it is common for places to serve unsalted saltines, crackers or pretzels are palate cleansers. Sniffing coffee grounds is also another viable option for a palate cleanser.

What to feed your guests

Ideally, hosts should wait until after the tasting to serve foods and snacks. Foods and snacks that pair well with whiskey are foods with a salty profile. Finger foods are often a crowd favorite and tend to leave your guests feeling full.

Regardless of how you decide to organize your whiskey tasting this holiday season, it will be a delightful time spent with your closest loved ones.