Flavors of the Fall: Whiskey Palettes of the Season

Fall tray with a glass of whiskey and pumpkins

Flavored whiskey has been a growing trend over the last few years. Despite what the college kids might think, it didn’t begin with Fireball. Flavored whiskey varieties have been popular for decades.

Fall is the perfect season to embrace different varieties of flavored whiskey. Whether you’re looking for something to snuggle up with and sip around the fire or something to serve at upcoming holiday gatherings, these rich whiskey flavors that complement autumn very well.


We’ll start with a whiskey staple flavor–cinnamon. Nearly all the major whiskey players have a cinnamon variety on the market. It’s a deliciously-spiced profile that fits perfectly into the season. It’s also a great addition to many fall-themed whiskey cocktails.


Speaking of fall cocktails, how many drinks can you name similar to apple pie, apple jacks, or apple crisp? Inspired by hard cider, apple infused whiskeys come with notes of sweet, crisp fruit and subtle spices.


Sure, flavored whiskeys are all the rage in America, but Scottish distillers have been adding local honey to their whisky for hundreds of years! Honey is a common addition to whiskey varieties and flavor profiles any time of year, but what’s fall without a classic hot toddy?


Since the insurgence of flavored whiskeys, cherry has been one of the most popular. It adds aa sweet sometimes tart addition that truly adds a cherry on top of your favorite cocktail. (Too on the nose?)


There’s a pumpkin-spiced everything these days, but who can say no to a smooth flavor that reminds sippers of a delicious seasonal pie. Many are accompanied by spices like cinnamon, clove, and allspice.


Last but certainly not least, nothing says fall like a whiskey infused with maple. Often made with real maple syrup for a sweet, buttery flavor profile, Canadian Maple whiskey has been a popular beverage for years. 

Looking to create a new whiskey flavor profile this season? Many distilleries are thinking outside the box with the Infusion Spiral. The benefits abound including savings in cost, labor, and time. Using Infusion Spirals, it’s easy to experiment with new woods and toasts. Contact The Barrel Mill to learn more.