Whiskey Winter Wonderland: Cocktails Perfect for the Colder Weather

It’s the holiday season once again. Although the 2020 holidays are different than anything we’ve experienced before, you can still keep the festivities alive. Mix your favorite holiday beverages or try something new this winter with some of these whiskey-infused winter beverages: Holiday Favorites Eggnog. The holiday classic – love it or hate it, it’s… Read more »

Water of Life: A History of Scotch Whisky

Scotch whisky has a rich, dark, and full-bodied history. Scotch has been distilled and distributed around the world for over 500 years and is still going strong. Today, distillers must follow specific guidelines to label their whisky as Scotch. Every year, July 27th celebrates our favorite blended (or single-grain) beverage; National Scotch Whisky Day. In… Read more »

Distillers Switch from Making Whiskey to Hand Sanitizer

Because of the Coronavirus outbreak, many companies have halted their plans for 2020, and the Whiskey industry is no different. Distillers big and small around the country have banded together and made the switch from whiskey (or other liquors) to making, selling, and distributing hand sanitizer. This Isn’t the First Time–But it is Much Different In… Read more »