Blended Versus Single-Malt Whiskey

You may have heard whiskey experts talk about “blended whiskey” and left yourself wondering what that means. A blended whiskey means different things around the world, but in the United States, blended whiskey must contain a minimum of 20% of straight whiskey. The rest of the bottle can be other alcohol, flavoring, coloring, etc. Blended whiskey usually has a bad reputation amongst seasoned whiskey drinkers. However, blended whiskey is an excellent option for drinking. It often receives such a bad reputation because people are not aware of the difference between blended and single-malt whiskey.

The Difference in the Making

Single-malt whiskey is made in one distillery from malted barley. It is not supposed to be anything like blended whiskey because blended whiskey is made entirely different. Blended whiskey is produced by combining several single-malt whiskeys with wheat or corn whiskeys. The whiskey is made in a column still and has the purpose of creating a whiskey that combines the flavors of several whiskeys. Making blended whiskey is an art because not everything that tastes good alone works with each other. To correctly make a blended whiskey takes a lot of time and testing.

How do Flavors Differ in Blended Whiskey?

Single-malt whiskey only has the flavor of barley in them, whereas blended whiskeys can have corn or wheat in them. When you are enjoying a glass of a single-malt whiskey, the flavors have been handcrafted and chosen to distill for a distinct length of time to give it the taste it currently has. Whereas a blended whiskey has a combination of carefully selected flavors to create the flavor it has. Whether you enjoy the flavor of either is really up to your taste buds. However, it is essential to keep an open mind when drinking single-malts or blended whiskey because each bottle will have a different flavor. Sometimes people prefer blended but can have the occasional single-malt and vice versa.

Blended whiskey, unfortunately, gets a bad reputation quite often. However, many people are probably just drinking blended whiskeys that have been cheaply produced for the masses. Now that you know the distilling process of a blended whiskey, you should try out more bottles to find one that appeals to you. If you are looking into distilling your own blended whiskey, contact us today.